Data Protection Policy

Our Privacy Policy has been designed to disclose our strict policy towards ensuring security and privacy of information received from our users through our website. It clarifies how information is received and handled by BLS.

Our website does not use cookies or other tracking devices to collect information on user data or navigation preferences. However, we may collect general, non-personal data for statistical purposes only.

The only personal data we collect are the ones sent by users via online forms. Such collection may have 2 purposes: (i) keep a data base for potential work opportunities, or (ii) subscribe the user to our newsletter. To fulfill these 2 purposes, users’ personal data may be accessed and treated by all BLS employees, as well as by third-party service providers that have access to our information technology infrastructure.

All personal data will be stored in the BLS database server, situated in Brazil, and will be protected against unauthorized access and illegal treatment.

The person in charge of personal data treatment at BLS is the partner Juliano Battella Gotlib, e-mail: