Mergers and Acquisitions

BLS Advogados has extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions and related corporate transactions and is recognized in Brazil for its expertise.

Such an expertise credentials BLS Advogados to effectively implement domestic and cross-border mergers, acquisitions and businesses combination transactions, in a very efficient, secure, innovative and reliable manner.
Besides counseling our clients in all legal matters involving M&A transactions, we have a unique experience in assisting clients on finding potential buyers, partners and/or investors to their businesses, as well as potential targets and investment opportunities for clients willing to invest in Brazil.

Our expertise in M&A matters include, among other activities:
o Preparing companies/assets to a M&A transaction, with preventive legal consulting to identify and mitigate pre-closing legal contingencies, aiming at maximizing the financial return to clients;
o Conducting complete due diligence, in order to identify, quantify and mitigate legal risks associated with enterprises’, equity interest’s and/or assets’ acquisition and sales;
o Preparing Legal Due Diligence report, with a detailed description of identified legal risks and proposed mitigation actions;
o Identifying prospective buyers and sellers;
o Advising on the identification of best negotiation strategies;
o Assisting on transaction structuring and transaction documents drafting and negotiation; and
o Assisting venture capital and private equity investors.

Responsáveis da área

David Roberto R. Soares da Silva

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Eduardo Campos Lasmar

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Fernanda Nardy

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