Contracts / Commercial law

In view of its multidisciplinary structure, BLS Advogados has extensive expertise in contract drafting and negotiation. Combining the practical experience gained in the participation of innumerous deals with sound academic legal knowledge, always updated with the latest understandings of Brazilian courts, our lawyers stand out for the excellence in drafting and negotiating national and transnational contracts.

BLS Advogados is able to advise its clients on a wide array of agreements involving, for instance, (i) real estate transactions; (ii) mergers and acquisitons; (iii) supply agreements, turnkey, and alliance agreements (cost/profit sharing), etc.

BLS Advogados experience on contractual matters also includes (i) advice on contractual issues, through legal opinions analyzing applicable legislation and regulation; and (ii) advice on and monitoring of contractual obligation compliance during and after the expiration of the contract term.

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